Friday, April 13, 2012

The Hunger Games

Hurrah! I finished the book (and bet Simon to the end!). Now I'm really looking forward to watching the movie! Time for an outing.

I managed to do a big clean up of my wardrobe! Gave away a big bag full of clothes to my sister-in-law, the gorgeous thing. Another bag or two to be given away still. It was a whole suitcase full! That's only going through the drawers. Oh my. I had to do something, we are downsizing on space, we have had Simon's brother move in, good for our savings, good for the company... but steals a room full of space.

Also really need to start boxing/organising my crafting supplies. I'm tempted to photograph my progress and keep you updated. I am a little torn with this idea, because that would be showing off the total disarray that it is all currently in! Dear, oh dear.

<3 Anita

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