Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Who else has played with PicMonkey? It's awesome!!

It's a brand new kid on the block. Some of the geniuses who were behind Picnik and a few others have banded together to bring us something even more awesome than Picnik. Sadly I never really used Picnik (I hadn't realised how good it was) until very recently, only to discover it was being discontinued, and some of it's features were moving across to Google+. Maybe this was Google's way of trying to get the general population over to Google+, but I don't see that happening. I also tried using the editing available through Google+'s (can you even use an apostrophe with a word that includes a symbol?) Creative Kit. I immediately hated it. It was not at all intuitive to use. It felt awkward to find, and some of the basic things I wanted to do, I just couldn't. Like save the image back to my computer. Not to say it wasn't possible, but I would have thought it should have been an easy find.
Anyway... getting back to PicMonkey, I'm sure you can already tell that I LOVE it! It's not hard. It is aesthetically wonderful. Intuitive to use. It has so many great features already, and they are adding (they added several new effects the other day, P.S. they rock!)

Here is a little show for you a few of the things you can do with PicMonkey:

Have fun playing! 
<3 Anita

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